The hidden treasures of Church Street

Church Street, situated just north of Marylebone station, boasts a fascinating history and a vibrant market culture. Developed in the late 18th century as part of the Lisson Green development, the street led westward to the parish church at Paddington Green.

Throughout the years, it has witnessed transformations, including reconstruction after the devastation of the Blitz. During World War II, Church Street endured significant damage, however, the resilient spirit of its inhabitants led to the street’s post-war revival. The old market site underwent a redevelopment process, eventually transforming into the bustling Church Street estate.

Today, Church Street is a lively hub of commerce and community, offering visitors a delightful blend of antique shops, market stalls, and unique attractions like Alfie’s Antiques Market.

Church Street Market: A Vibrant Shopping Experience

At the heart of Church Street’s atmosphere is its lively market scene. The eastern end of the street is lined with over 20 charming antique shops, offering a treasure trove of vintage finds. Here, you can explore a diverse range of collectibles, from rare antiques to vintage curiosities.

Church Street hosts a vibrant market that sets up shop from Mondays to Saturdays which caters to all manner of shoppers, offering everything from fresh produce to fashionable clothing. The market’s lively atmosphere and vibrant community make it a delightful destination for both locals and tourists alike. Moreover, the area’s easy accessibility through Marylebone Station adds to its appeal, making it a convenient shopping hub.

Alfie’s Antiques Market: A Haven for Collectors

Standing tall as one of the highlights of Church Street is the famous Alfie’s Antiques Market. Founded by Bennie Gray in 1976, Alfie’s was established when he acquired the Jordan’s building, which now houses almost 100 individual dealers.

Stepping inside Alfie’s Antiques Market is like entering a time capsule of history and culture. Here, visitors can explore a vast collection of antiques and vintage treasures from various eras, each with its own unique story to tell. The market’s allure has attracted not only avid collectors but also renowned personalities, including the likes of writer George Eliot and model Kate Moss.

Beyond the antiquarian delights, Alfie’s offers a haven of respite with its charming café and rooftop terrace. Visitors can relax and recharge after an immersive shopping experience, savouring the memories of a day well-spent.

Church Street Market business Westminster Wheels: A unified community is a prosperous one

Local businesses reflect the communities from which they come – like a portrait of the local area. Westminster Wheels serves the local community. Lisson Grove and the wider area had suffered a bike shop desert prior to their launch in 2020 when they opened in direct response to the needs expressed by our customers. This local business consistently charge less than other stores and run a program donating bikes and servicing free of charge to local community groups and charities. 

Project manager Barnaby sets up training for previously unemployed Westminster Residents. These trainee mechanics gain an industry-recognised certificate in bicycle repair and benefit from a 6-month placement working at Westminster Wheels. Barnaby says, “on Church Street people find what they look for. I’ve found an integrated community of people who learn something new from one another everyday.”

How would you spend a day in Church Street?

Whether you are seeking vintage treasures, fresh produce, or simply a unique shopping experience, Church Street has something to offer everyone.