The Insider: Mo, from local student to worker

The Insider Q&A

What did you study at the University of Westminster, how long was your course and when did you graduate?

I completed my Master’s in Construction Project Management. The course duration was one year, and I graduated in August 2022.

What made you choose to study at the University of Westminster?

I came to know about the University of Westminster through the Fab Fest design competition while doing my Bachelor’s in Architecture back in India. UoW is in one of the prime locations and is also ranked among the top universities within London.

As you’ve now graduated, what made you choose to stay and work in the Marylebone area? What do you do now?

My story is one of a kind, as I was very fortunate to randomly bump into two amazing gentlemen within the UoW Library who I asked for guidance on starting my career in Project Management. Along the conversation, they offered me work experience within CBRE (Higher Education), and this progressed to now being an Assistant Project Manager. I am glad to be alumni and deliver projects for the University of Westminster Estates through CBRE Project Management. Marylebone is a great location to be working in, made up of several beautiful streets. One of the biggest highlights of working in Marylebone is being close to Baker Street Quarter. I personally have ended up discovering new parts of the area on different occasions, and in particular, Baker Street has a lot of restaurants and cafés to enable you to explore different cuisines, alongside a beautiful streetscape.

What is your number one recommendation to those visiting the area for the first time? Do you have a favourite restaurant, pub or café you can share? Or perhaps your go-to coffee shop for doing some work or your favourite place for a drink?

While my colleagues and I are on-site for work, we tend to try different lunch spots and have explored quite a few restaurants. While we were walking through Baker Street looking for some lunch, we found our new joint favourite Etna Café and tried one of the best Italian cuisines I’ve ever tasted! Their famous panini lives up to its name, as well as their arancini – especially the mushroom and spinach one. Instead of regular coffee, I had to try their thick hot chocolate, and found a new love within.

How would you choose to spend a free day in Marylebone?

I would start my day with a hot chocolate from either Etna or The Monocle Café, and set off exploring the hidden gems of Marylebone, especially my personal favourite, Baker Street. Around midday, I’d pay a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum before taking a stroll.