Paint Your Brunch Away


Join us at T by Tamara on a boozy Saturday brunch with Zaina and paint your worries away.

Zaina Alhizami is a Saudi/Kuwaiti artist born and based in London. Psychedelic, tribal and a touch of abstract are the three words to best describe her art. Her artistic journey started ten years ago, at a time that marked the end of her “big city dreams” and the beginning of her big world dreams. Zaina escaped to the small corners of the world where artisans resided and worked beside them, learnt from them, in the peaceful, untouched countryside studios. The discipline of technique coupled with a rebellious energy is what defines her paintings; contrasting colours, and patterns that take viewers’ eyes on a ride and faces with mysterious expressions. The artworks are autobiographical, reflecting real-time experiences and growing pains.

During the workshop, Zaina aims to offer you the space and freedom to explore your intuition and imagination. She will provide you with the art materials and guide you through mini-challenges that will lead you to eventually find your own rhythm and style. We will be working with acrylic paint. Please bring with you a bandana/headscarf, an old T-shirt to wear and an open mind.

T by Tamara will be offering a brunch buffet displaying our best seller breakfast and brunch items. What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than with a hearty meal and a creative outlet?

Guests are welcome to bring their own drinks.

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Seymour Place
United Kingdom

Event time

30 Sep 2023
Saturday 13:00 - 16:00